A dream from May 19, 2016.

I had a really cool dream where I had two friends with me. Im not sure who they were though. Anyways, so we were trying to escape a world that we lived in because it was very dangerous and we transformed into really small versions of ourselves (think of the Magic school bus shrinking — that’s how it was like) and began our escape plan. Our method of transportation was to hold each other’s hands and fly really high. But we were being followed by a strange guy who wanted to prevent us from escaping that world. Then we eventually reached different levels of the atmosphere and saw an escape hole (i guess that’s what ill call it) so we flew as fast as we could out of that world. We were greeted by a room that looked like it belonged to a mental institute. But even before we could explore, we somehow squeezed back in to the world we left. So we pushed through and escaped again then flew a bit more so we wouldn’t get sucked back in. When we turned around, we saw that the strange guy who had been following us in the world was the exact same patient that was in the room. So, we were living in this patient’s body. He somehow murmured thank you and we were very confused as to why, but we all smiled and then left. After exploring the mental institute, we decided that it was not the place for us to find our new home so we went outside and saw that there was this young lady with medium length black hair, dark brown eyes, and was kind of tall with a curvy figure. She looked very sad and was crying a lot, so my friends and I flew up to her like fairies and examined her and what was going on around her. Her crying sounded so troubling and it was filled with pain and loss. We don’t know who she lost, but she was holding her stomach so we thought that it was a miscarriage. We decided that she was going to be our new home and that we could provide her with the comfort and love that she needed. We used her tears and swam upstream into her eyes and began our new life.